Officers & Committees for 2017-18

President - Bill Graham
Vice President - Bruce McKibben
Secretary - Kristine Lamont
Treasurer & Finance Chairman - Gary Cherry
Membership Secretary - Betsy Paisley Borges
Education/Scholarship Chairman - Jay Breeze
Piper - Linda Frazier*
Chaplain/Benevolence - Candace McKibben
Communications Chairman - Eric King, FSA Scot*
Trustee - Tommy Bull
Trustee - Charles Johnson
Trustee - Pat McCaffrey
Trustee - Nancy Scott
Trustee - Danie Turner
Auditing Chairman - Evan Hume*

Communications Committee:
Eric King, FSA Scot* - Newsletter Editor
Webmaster - Tim Turner (non-voting member)

*Indicates past president

Your Board meets the first Monday of each month at the Fellowship Presbyterian Church at 6:30 except July and August.  September meetings are held on the second Monday.  All members are welcome.